Too excited, I forgot to take a photo.

Yesterday was dreary and cold. I put in a 10 hour day and I wanted something warm and cheesy. I made a baked penne with a quick version of a bolognese. I have a few great hacks that I will share as we go along our journey. This one is a good one. I brown my ground meat(I use a grass fed ground sirloin). I then saute my veg in what little fat there is. I used some onion, red pepper, mushrooms and rosemary. I poured in a jar of organic pasta sauce and let it simmer for an hour. I boiled my whole wheat penne, drained it and poured it into the sauce pot. Added some grated Italian cheese blend and poured into 2 8×8 baking dishes. Topped 1 with grated parm and baked for 40 min. The other went into the freezer for another day. I had some broccoli and cauliflower florets in the fridge which I roasted with some olive oil and garlic and tossed with a little balsamic at the end for a punch. YUM!!!

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