Steak and Potatoes My Way

When I ask my sweetheart what he wants for a special occasion…ie Birthday.. Anniversary… He always wants a steak, baked potato and broccoli. It has been so hot I thought I will make him steak and potatoes but in a way that works for a hot summer day. I boiled some small potatoes, let them cool and halved them and scooped out a tiny bit of the middle. I sprayed some olive oil cooking spray on some sliced french bread and grilled it. I grilled a filet seasoned with just salt and heavy on the pepper and let it rest. I made a sour cream sauce with sour cream, dijon, horseradish, chopped caper, minced red onion and lemon juice. I grilled the potatoes and melted a little cheese on top after they cooled I topped them with some of the sour cream sauce and fresh dill. I spread some of the sauce on the grilled bread and added arugula and sliced radish and topped it with the sliced steak.

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