Weeknight Shortcut #3

Collard greens purchased precut and washed in a bag, diced potatoes in a bag, store bought cornbread muffins and beans from a can.

I did not use precut collard which is a time saver! I had some in the garden that needed to be cut. But, usually I would by the ones in the bag. I start with 2 stripes of bacon in a dutch oven and render some fat on medium low. I saute some diced onion and matchstick carrots in pan with the bacon for a few minutes and add the chopped collards. After sauteing them a few minutes I fill the pot with water and add a chicken bouillon cube or some some soup base which ever I have and bring them to a boil and cook on medium for 20 or 30 minutes. The pot liquor makes great soup stock! I strain off the solids and put the liquid in a freezer bag and freeze it.

For the potatoes I put about 2 Tablespoons of canola in a pan and heat it. I add the potatoes and cover stirring often just get the center of the potatoes soft. Then I take off the lid and finish browning.

I also rendered a strip of bacon in the bean pan before I added the canned beans and ta da a home cooked southern meal that will warm your heart.

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