Broccoli Beef

This is my short cut version of broccoli beef.

1 steak -what ever cut you like

fresh ginger

garlic clove

soy sauce

seasame oil

1 packet of brown gravy mix- I use Knorr

1 Can of sliced water chestnuts

1 Bag of frozen broccoli


sesame seeds

Green onions

I trim my steak and put it on a cutting board in the freezer and turn it at about 20 minutes and leave it 10 more. It makes the steak easier to slice thin. I slice my steak and set it aside. I heat 1 Tbls of vegetable oil in a non stick skillet and brown the steak in batches quickly on both sides and put it in a bowl to the side. I grate my ginger and garlic. I add that to the pan with some sesame oil and soy and cook about 1 minute. I pour in the amount of water the gravy pack calls for, but a little short because the broccoli makes liquid, and whisk in the gravy pack. I add the water chestnuts and broccoli and cook until the broccoli is tender. I add the beef in to warm through. I use microwave brown rice. Plate your rice top with the beef and sprinkle on sesame seeds and green onions.

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