Mojo Pork Tostada

I have been craving a tostada. Crispy, creamy, fresh and crunchy. I decided I wanted something a little different. I went to my local BBQ joint and bought some pulled pork. I put a little sliced red onion in a bowl with some vinegar to pickle. I poked a few holes in a flour tortilla with a fork and sprayed it with cooking spray in the oven at 400 turning and poking any air pockets to try to keep it flat until crisp. I warmed a can of refried beans. I made a very herbaceous mojo and warmed the pork in it. I made a little salad with chopped cabbage, red pepper and radish with a lime cumin dressing. So to assemble I put some of the warm beans on my crispy tortilla, added some pork, topped that with the cabbage salad, red onion and some queso fresco.


1/4 Cup of olive oil

3 Grated cloves of garlic

1 Tsp of cumin

1/2 Cup of fresh orange juice and the zest of the orange

1/4 Cup of lime juice and the zest of the lime

2 Tbls of chopped oregano

1 Tbls of chopped mint

Warm the oil in a sauce pan and add the garlic, cook stirring about 1 minute, stir in the cumin and cook about 20 seconds, add in your juice and zest and simmer about 5 minutes. Let the mixture cool and add the herbs.

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