Kale, Sausage, Lima Bean Stew

This recipe is from Jacque Pepin’s Heart and Soul Cookbook. It is kale, sausage, rib, and lima bean stew. I could not find a recipe that I could link. I see options on pinterest but I could not pull a real recipe. I leave out the rib part, there is such a thing as too much pork. Did I day that ? I could not wrap my mind around boiling my vegetables. I sauteed hot Italian sausage without the casing and added in my veg at the end. I cooked the beans covered for an hour. I added in the sausage and veg mixture, the kale and the kielbasa. I covered that and cooked for 30 minutes. I added some chicken stock and cooked another 30 minutes uncovered. This is a hearty heart warming meal. I freeze the leftovers in single portions to defrost for winter week day lunches.

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