Steak Diane with Dutchess Potatoes

I bought a 2 1/2 lb piece of tenderloin for our Christmas dinner. It was too much for 2 people, so I cut off 2 steaks and froze them. Tada New Years Eve dinner. This was better than Christmas dinner, I think, and came together much faster. The steak was cooked perfectly. Veal demiglace makes a richer sauce, but I had no success finding that locally. This recipe reduces beef stock and I did not miss the veal. I used Simply brand already mashed potatoes and added garlic herb cheese and egg yolks and piped them out onto parchment. I cooked the potatoes and roasted the snap peas and shallots at the same time. What a great meal. I finished it off with 2 small scoops of lemon sorbet in a champagne glass topped off with prosecco. Steak Diane Recipe | Saveur

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