Frittata di Spaghetti

I had leftover pasta from last nights dinner and I decided to do something with it. I used it to make breakfast! This was crispy, creamy and full of flavor. I will never throw out extra pasta again!

5 Eggs

1/4 Cup of cream

1/3 Cup of parmesan

4 Pieces of chopped bacon

Leftover pasta

Salt and Pepper

I used a 9inch non-stick pan. I sprayed it with olive oil cooking spray and put it on medium low to heat up. I whisked the eggs, cream, and cheese together. I added the bacon and pasta and stirred them until well combined and added some salt and heavy on the pepper. Then poured the mixture into the warm pan. Let it cook until the bottom is lightly brown. I used an oven mit and a large plate. I slid the frittata out onto the plate brown side down, then inverted the skillet on top of the plate and turned it over putting the uncooked side down in the skillet. I cooked it until brown on that side as well. I turned it out onto a cutting board and sliced it into wedges. And of course sprinkled on some more cheese.

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