Sautéed Chicken with Parsnip, Apple, and Sherry Pan Sauce with Dirty Rice

What a great meal! The sherry sauce is a nice touch with the tart apple and sweet parsnips The dirty rice was almost as good as my moms, I left out the chopped chicken livers and added green peas. Sautéed Chicken with Parsnip, Apple, and Sherry Pan Sauce Recipe | Bon Appétit (

Dirty Rice

1 Tbls of bacon fat

1 Tbls spoon of butter

1/3 lb Spicy Italian sausage- mine was precooked

1/2 a Diced onion

1/4 of a Chopped bell pepper

Celery leaves from the heart

1 Clove off minced garlic

1 Box of long grain and wild rice

1 Tsp of cajun seasoning

1/2 Tsp of salt

Chicken stock- as much as the box calls for as water

Heat your bacon fat and butter on medium. Add your sausage and cook until brown, breaking it up as you go. I used precooked sausage, so I just cooked it until it started rendering a little fat. Add your, onion, pepper, and celery and cook until the vegetables are tender. Add in the garlic and cook a few seconds. Add in the rice and the cajun seasoning and cook until the rice is translucent. Add your stock and salt. Bring to a boil, reduce and simmer 20 minutes until all the liquid is evaporated.

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