Chocolate Cupcakes & Peanut Butter Icing

I love the chocolate and peanut butter combination. I decided to make chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. With my google search I find that my favorite chef has a recipe for the 2 together. When I watch tv it is mostly food tv. I watch The Best Thing I Ever Ate, it is a show where chefs tell you about their best eating out experiences. Alton Brown had a box lunch where they took the cupcake and frosted it upside down to make the cake to frosting ratio more balanced. So I decided to do the same. I used a knife and cut a little of the top off so the cupcake would sit flat. The only thing is that when you pull the cupcake liner off you have crumbs, so it does not ice pretty, but it tasted fabulous! Barefoot Contessa | Chocolate Cupcakes & Peanut Butter Icing | Recipes

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