Shrimp Po Boy with Remoulade

I use a traditional french bread. I cut it in the length that I want for my sandwich and toast in the oven closed, so the inside stays soft. I pull out a little of the bread from the top part of the roll to make room for the shrimp. Cover the inside of the roll from edge to edge with remoulade, put your shrimp in the scooped out side, chopped lettuce on the other and add your sliced tomato, salt and pepper and last but not least add some Crystal hot sauce to your shrimp. Ça c’est bon!


1/2 Cup mayo

2 Tbls creole mustard

1 Tbls catsup

2 Tsps prepared horseradish

1 Tbls lemon juice

1/2 Tbls Worcestershire sauce

1 Cloves minced grated

2 Tsp capers chopped

1/2 Tbls hot sauce

1 Tbls shallot minced

1/2 Tbls celery minced

1/2 Tbls red wine vinegar

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate.

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