My recipe book and my library haul.

As you will see in my upcoming posts that my weeks menu will mostly be derived from these cookbooks. I make a recipe and if its a winner it makes its way into my book. It is organized into sections that make sense to me. Breakfast, appetizers, soups, salads, beef, chicken,pork,seafood,pasta,vegetable and dessert. Every so often I go through and cull recipes that I don’t use or have mastered and adapted and no longer need the original version.

I will not post recipes here that do no belong to me out of respect for the person who developed them. I will post where they come from for you to find them for yourself. I have things that I make that are my recipes, I will have to take the time to measure things and write it down as I make them. I make my Mom’s cornbread, but I use the bowl and baking dish that she taught me how to make it in. All eyeballed no measures except 1 egg. Thank you for joining me on this cooking journey! I hope that I share tips and recipes that will make your cooking journey easier.

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