Stellar day!

As usual on my 2 Saturday’s off a month I start off at the library and head over to The Mill Spring Farm Store. Ms. Reda stocks locally sourced foods. She has meat, eggs, milk, butter, produce, jams and other things all from local farms. I always buy eggs and once a month honey from right here in Columbus. This week she had some fresh shrimp left. She has someone who brings it in from the coast every week.I love her dedication to provide local ingredients to her community.

I never thought I needed an air fryer. I saw one on sale for 24.99 and thought lets see what the fuss is about. My first fries were a real fail. Today I drug it out an made flour tortilla chips for my corn allergic Sweetheart. Win! I also made fried zucchini, Yum. I also turned out a batch of The Barefoot Contessa’s jalapeno cheddar crackers. This time I roasted the jalapeno on the grill instead of using raw.

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