Fall Pasta in a Flash

I was thinking that our power was going to be out, so I needed something I could make on the camp stove. I had some butternut squash ravioli in the freezer. I bought sage, walnuts and a butternut squash sauce, that I love!! A little after arriving home the power came on, to my utter surprise! I put some water on to boil. I toasted the walnuts in a small non stick skillet. I wiped that pan out and put some olive oil in to heat. I added in some chopped fresh sage to fry until crispy. I drained that on a paper towel and poured some of jarred sauce in to warm in the sage oil. When the water was boiling I added the ravioli, when they started to float I added them to the sauce to simmer a few minutes. Plated and garnished with walnuts,fried sage and some parmesan.

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