Thank You Leftover Meatloaf

Sorry I did not take a photo. Hurricane Zeta’s winds ripped through our town early Thursday morning. Our power went out about 730a. When I returned home about 630p it was still out all over town and for a 10 mile radius. No take out to save us. When I want bread for a special sandwich a whole loaf is to much for 2 people, so I started taking half the loaf and putting 2 slices per ziploc bag and freezing them. That was a big help tonight. I put some foil over a rack in the gas grill and sprayed it with cooking spray and put my frozen bread on. I turned it and cooked it until defrosted and slightly toasted. I sprayed the foil again and added on my leftover meatloaf to warm. When it was warmed through I assembled my sandwiches. I put mayo on one side and A1 on the other I put on the meatloaf and topped it with cheddar cheese. I put on a new piece of foil and sprayed it with cooking spray and put the sandwiches on until the cheese was melted.

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