Air Fryer Chicken Parm with Spaghetti Squash

I love chicken parm! I try to pan fry it and the outside is done before the inside. I tried to pan fry and them put it in the oven and it gets soggy or sticks to the rack or pan. But now I know. Air frying is the key. I realized once I was home that I did not have an egg for my normal breading method, so I improvised. Flour, then into heavy cream, then into a mixture of panko, seasoned Italian bread crumbs and parmesan. Spray the air fryer and the chicken with cooking spray. I cooked each breast for 6 minutes then turned it over and cooked another 6 minutes. I put them on a sheet tray lined with foil and topped with a baking rack sprayed with cooking spray. Into the oven at 400 for 5 minutes, top with cheese and put back in for 5 more. I roasted the spaghetti squash at 400 for 45 minutes. Scraped the squash into a colander and pressed out the liquid. I put the squash in a bowl and seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil, parm and fresh basil.

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