Egg Bites

I love Starbucks Bacon Gruyere Egg Bites. I found a copy cat recipe online and tweeked it to suit me. You can buy a Sous Vide stick that goes into any pot for about 90.00. I have a Hamilton Beach that is a Sous Vide and a Slow Cooker! It runs about 150.00

2 Slices of cheese cut into quarters

Meat of choice, Bacon, Ham etc..

5 Eggs

1/2 c Grated cheese

1/2 c Cottage cheese

1/4 c cream

1 Tbls of Brown rice flour

Salt and pepper

Spray 8 jelly jars with non stick cooking spray. Put a quarter slice of cheese in the bottom of each jar and top with the meat. Add all other ingredients to a blender and puree for about 2 minutes. Pour the mixture between the jars dividing evenly. Put on the lids and rings for the jars. Put the jars into the water. Cook at 170 degrees for 1 hour. I take them out and let them cool. I can sometimes tap them out onto a cutting board. Most of the time I run a butter knife around the edge and tap the out on the board.

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