Meatball Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich

This is one of my most amazing creations! My sweetheart does not like eggplant because it is usually mushy. I make my eggplant parmesan crispy and slightly firm. I thought that he may not really accept an eggplant sandwich, so I came up with this amazing gem. I went to The Fresh Market to buy meatloaf mix which is what I use when I make meatballs. It is a blend of veal, pork and beef. Right inside the door they have dinners ready to take home and cook. What did my eyes behold? Uncooked, pre-made meatballs. I browned them in a saucepan and poured in a good jarred tomato sauce. I took my round eggplant from the farmers market and sliced it, salted it, and put it on a baking rack to leach out some liquid. I patted it dry and breaded it. First into flour, then into an egg wash, last but not least a mixture of panko, seasoned Italian breadcrumbs and parmesan. I shallow fried the eggplant until brown on both sides and placed it into a 400 degree oven about 8 minutes, topped it with a nice slice of provolone. I toasted a ciabatta roll in the hot oven. I placed a slice of provolone on the bottom roll and topped that with sliced meatballs and topped that with tomato sauce. I added the eggplant and a little more sauce and placed on the top of the roll. I put a little more sauce on the side for dipping. This is pure dumb luck!

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