Fried Chicken Banh Mi

Well my fried chicken did not turn out as spectacular as I wished. It was crispy and full of asian flavor. I pulled out the vacuum sealer and made a marinate of gochujang, soy and buttermilk and vacuum sealed the chicken in the marinate and left it all day. I came home and used the sealer to make my pickled veg. I put carrots, cucumber, radish and a hot banana pepper from our garden with equal parts sugar and rice wine vinegar in a bag and vacuum sealed it to pickle for an hour. I poured the marinate in a dish and whisked in an egg, I made a mixture of 1 cup of flour and 3 tbls of rice flour ( I cant use cornstarch but you should instead) with some ginger powder,sesame seeds, and salt and pepper. I left the chicken in the marinate mixture, then dredged it in the flour and shallow fried it in a 350 degree oil until golden brown. I toasted a ciabatta bun in the oven just until it was a little crisp on the outside. I scooped out a little of the inner side of the top bun. I made a cilantro mayo and put that on the bottom bun medium to heavy and lightly on the top bun. I sliced the fried chicken and put that on the bottom bun, added some pickled veg and topped that with a fresh herb mixture of cilantro, mint and basil.

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