Italian Beef Sandwich

We recently traveled to IL and MI. The track in IL had a concession stand that had a daily special. One day I saw the special was an Italian beef sandwich. I thought to myself it has been years since I had that lets see how it goes. It was good considering, but not a Chicago Italian beef. So, tonight I pulled out all the stops! I browned a chuck roast heavily seasoned with salt and pepper and put that in the crock pot. I topped that with Italian seasoning and garlic powder. I sliced some banana peppers, red bell pepper and onion and added that. I put some beef soup base in some hot water to dissolve. I poured the soup base and enough water to cover the roast in the pot. I set it for 8 hours on low. I took the roast out of the pot and let it cool. I poured what was left in the pot through a fat separator with the straining top on it. I put the solids back in the crock pot. I shredded the cooled beef and put that in the pot and poured in about 1 cup of the separated juice and turned the pot on warm. I put the rest of the juice in a saucepan and seasoned with salt and pepper and set to warm. I use a french bread for sandwiches like this. I cut a piece of the loaf into the size I would like my sandwich and I cut out a rectangle and pull out some of the interior, making a deep well for the filling. I toast the bread to help it stand up to the filling. I put slices of taleggio in the bottom of the toasted bun, i added some of the beef and topped it with provolone. I broiled that until the provolone was melted. I added sliced pepperoncini on top and poured some of the beef juice in a dish for dunking!

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