Bangers and Colcannon

This was divine! The onion gravy was silky and rich. The mashed potatoes were sweet from the cabbage and crunchy from the chopped cooked bacon.

Granny’s Bangers and Mash Recipe | Everyday Eileen


2 Strips of smoked bacon

1/2 a Small head of cabbage shredded

2 Tbls butter

1/2 Cup of cream

New Potatoes- I used a microwave steam in the bag

Cook your bacon and set aside. Add 1 tbls of butter to the bacon fat and cook your cabbage on medium low until tender. Cook your potatoes until tender enough to mash. Add the cream and last tbls of butter to the cabbage to warm the milk. Pour the cream and cabbage mixture over the potatoes and mash. Chop the bacon and stir it into the potatoes.

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